Ethical Hair Colour

Ethical Hair ColourMany of us are looking for ethical hair colour. We have fantastic opportunities to change our hair colour, cover our white hair and reveal our personality through the hair colour and style we choose. Why should our choices about our hair colour effect the world we live in and share with other species??

Whilst we should also consider others we should also think of ourselves too. Some of the chemicals traditionally used in many hair colours are found to have cancer causing properties. In addition to this, allergic reactions can be caused which can also have fatal consequences if an anaphylactic shock is caused due to a serious allergy.

So, you don’t need to be looking for vegan hair colour or even cruelty free hair colour that’s sustainably sourced and Eco friendly. You could be recovering from a cancer diagnosis or be showing signs of allergies or gluten intolerant searching for a safe colour to use on your hair.

At Mango Hair Design, when I was sourcing an ethical hair colour to use in my salon in North Leeds, there were important criteria that I needed ethical hair colour to meet.

  • Not tested on animals
  • No ingredients sourced from animals
  • Eco friendly and kind to the environment, sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Fabulous results on the hair

I discovered colours at Pro-hair Live in Manchester February 2019. I was very careful to find a truly ethical organisation and I spent a good hour chatting to Debbie Digby-Smith, CEO of Passion4Hair.

During the conversation Debbie relayed to me findings relevant to the fish in the River Tiber, Italy, that runs past the factory where the products are manufactured.

The factory uses environmentally friendly production processes.  Water for the production for products and also for raw material is drawn from the Tiber river. Thanks to innovative demineralisation processes, reverse osmosis and the destruction of bacteria using UV rays, the water is returned back microbiologically purified, therefore returned in better condition. The water quality in the area of Sansepolcro, Tuscany  Italy is better quality than it was before this system was used and fisherman have recorded more and larger fish in the area.

How good is that?

So, I decided to try the colours and, I have to say, I love them.

The ethical hair colour,, is ammonia free, contains  no PPD’s, no parabens and no added resorcinol, ingredients known to contribute to causing allergic reactions and contributing to causing cancer.

Ingredients include acai berries from the Amazon, rich in phytosterols, fatty acids and vitamin C, ensuring the hair is revitalised and moisturised with an emollient action.

Quinoa, natural proteins that protect and condition the hair. Well-conditioned healthy hair aids the durability of the hair colour. It’s a natural and gluten free ingredient. This helps to protect the hair whilst it moisturises the hair and makes it shiny.

Book for you colour consultation now, call/text 07957216017 or use the Book Now icon at the top of the page and book a colour consultation appointment.

During your hair colour consultation we’ll discuss hair concerns, your preference for hair colour, do a skin test and, if necessary, I’ll take cuttings of your hair to do colour/strand tests.

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