Hair trend 2020 the shag haircut

The shag haircut. Yes, the choppy, layered hairstyle from the ’70s is making a comeback—but don’t worry, it’s been totally modernized. Shag haircuts are a great way to add texture, volume, and depth to your style (and they look, like, super cool)

Typically featuring choppy ends, a layered crown, and tons of texture, the multi-layered haircut is the epitome of low-maintenance and rockstar glamour — and is a super-easy hairstyle if you’re looking for a cut that will add volume, texture, and depth to your hair. Plus, the tousled layers combined with natural, feathered texture makes this an easy style to wear. It can be adapted to most hair textures and lengths so if you’re looking for a great cut and a new hair style to take you into the 2020’s book your restyle and mention the shag haircut trend!!

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