Scissor sharpening and hair conditioning treatments!

I’m doing many things in the background before I reopen Mango! Having my scissors sharpened and also my clippers maintained is just one of them.

As a member of the Freelance Hair Federation we get access and advice from some of the very best in the industry. We had a zoom session with Spencer Dudman and the following is the write up I did afterwards:

A very informative and interesting talk today by Spencer Dudman, Spencer Scissors, about our scissors and looking after them.

I loved his little workroom, that’s a proper workroom isn’t it?? Reminds me of my dads shed years ago!

Do you know the difference between clipper oil and scissor oil?? Answers in the comments ???? please for all to see

Spencer talked us through

  • sharpening
  • cleaning
  • oiling
  • scissor tension
  • resetting

our scissors and explained the work that goes into getting our scissors in tip top condition for us.

I must admit, who knew how much work goes into them? Not me. Being informed like that and now understanding why the price is what it is reminds me of why our consultations need to inform our clients of the stages we take their hair through to get the results they’re aspiring to! And why we charge what we do ????

Thanks to Spencer for this morning. Prices start from £55 (normally £60) as there’s an offer on for FHA members

This includes a complimentary bottle of oil and a cloth. If you have more than one pair done, mention FHA and you get these extras per scissors included in the offer.

All members are  welcome to join these zoom sessions so please come along, don’t miss out!

Many of you will really be needing a restyle cut after lockdown. Unless you’re going to take advantage and keep the length you’ve gained and continue to grow it? It’s been a great time for leaving our hair, no heated tools, no over drying, no bleaching or back combing!! Are you conditioning your hair? A deep action treatment once a fortnight or week will keep your hair in tip top condition ready to be coloured and/or restyled when hairdressers can open after lockdown. I’ve loved using Neal’s Yard Argan oil on my hair as a treatment. I use about half a palmful and saturate my hair and slept with it on overnight. When I shampoo my hair in the morning I’ve not needed any additional conditioner and my hair feels great, full of lustre and shine. It’s really good on nail cuticles too. I’m missing having my nails done but I’m keeping my cuticles in nice condition and shape and looking good by using a teeny amount of argan oil once or twice a week. It makes me feel better too, helps towards my sense of well-being, this lockdown is a rollercoaster of emotions that I doubt any of us will escape!

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